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Professional Liability Insurance

If you are interested in obtaining PLI through the DAO Group Policy, you will be asked to download the McLean Hallmark Application and to upload the completed form in order to complete the online DAO Member Application.

Please download the MH Insurance form and upload a filled form.



Declare that all the information provided in this application is true and complete and authorize the Denturist Association of Ontario to verify the facts stated in this application.

I understand that any false or misleading statements knowingly made by me, the applicant, in this application, or in any supporting documentation, is cause for rejection or termination of the membership.

Furthermore, I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics as stated in the Denturist Association of Ontario Bylaws, which is set out here below:


The ethical foundation of the practice of Denturism consists of general principles of conduct, which the profession has come to accept as a prerequisite to maintain the dignity and integrity of the profession. This Code is intended to outline, in broad fashion, the duties and responsibilities to which members of the Association are expected to adhere in their relationships with the public, with their patients and with their fellow practitioners.


Ethical Denturists will:

have as their first consideration, the well-being of their patients; strive to improve the standards of denturism in the community; uphold the honour and dignity of the profession by standards of integrity and behaviour; recognize their limitations; be responsible in setting a value on their services; abide by the laws of the jurisdiction in which they practice; not advertise fees or discounts in any medium.

The Denturist Association of Ontario • 2285 Dunwin Drive, Suite 9, Mississauga Ontario L5L 3S3

Phone 905-608-8090 • Fax 905-569-7090 • Toll-Free 1-800-284-7311 •


Ethical Denturists will:

practice their profession with all the knowledge and ability of which they are capable; not practice under condi­tions which may adversely affect the quality of their treatment; continue their education to improve their standard of care; kindly but firmly insist upon doing only those things which their professional knowledge dictates to be in the best interest of their patient’s welfare; insure that their conduct in the practice of their profession is above reproach and that they will not take physical, emotional or financial advantage of their patients; when consulted in an emergency, attend to the conditions leading to the emergency of patients of other denturists and then will refer the patients to their regular denturists, who should be informed of the conditions found and treated; not deliberately render themselves unavailable or refuse to render or provide for the emergency care of their patients; secure patents and copyrights only on the condition that they and the remuneration derived there from is not used to restrict research, practice, or the benefits of the patented or copyright material; not hold out to the public as ex­clusive any agent, method, or technique employed by them; not participate in a program of health education of the public, involving such media as the press, radio, television, and lectures, where such programs are not in keeping with the dignity of the profession and the custom of the denturist profession of the community.


Ethical Denturists will:

protect the health and well-being of their patients and will not abdicate their professional responsibilities; recog­nize their limitations and, when indicated, recommend to patients that additional opinions and services be ob­tained; recognize that patients have the right to accept or reject any denturist and any care options recommended by them. Patients, having chosen their denturist, have the right to request second opinions from other denturists regarding a treatment plan; keep in confidence information derived from their patients or from colleagues regard­ing patients and divulge it only with the permission of the patient except when the law requires them to do oth­erwise, and in circumstances of interprofessional consultation; assist, on patients’ requests, by supplying them the information required to enable patients to receive any benefits to which they may be entitled; recognize that although they have the right respecting choice of patients, they will act in a manner consistent with the legisla­tively approved Human Rights Act and/or Human Rights Code; render all assistance in their power to any patient, where an urgent need for denturist care exists, such as in an emergency.


Ethical Denturists will:

support the advancement of the profession through local, provincial, and national Associations for the benefit of all; not employ methods designed to attract patients to aggrandize their professional reputation; not pass judg­ment on the qualifications of or procedures rendered by fellow practitioner except as may be required in the inter­est of patients’ oral health; in the case of patient referrals, render only such treatment as has been requested by the referring denturist, subject to cases involving emergency.

By clicking “Join" for this form, you acknowledge that: I have read and understood the form.  All information I have entered is true and accurate.  I am legally eligible to practise denturism in Ontario.  I understand that based on the foregoing Statements, payment of membership fees, and processing of my renewal application, as approved and at the discretion of the DAO Board of Directors, I am eligible to continue being a Member of the DAO and, am eligible to use the DAO professional liability insurance offered through the McLean Hallmark Insurance Group. This also indicates my agreement to abide by the DAO By-laws and Code of Ethics.  I am responsible for informing the DAO of any changes to this information.