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Athletic Mouthguards

When it comes to sports equipment, mouthguards are essential. They are made of soft plastic and are closely adapted to fit comfortably over your natural teeth.
Athletic mouthguards protect your teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. They also protect you from a certain type of concussion.

When should a mouthguard be worn?

A mouthguard should be worn whenever your sport has a risk of falls or head contact with equipment or other players. Football, boxing, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, skateboarding and gymnastics are some of the sports and activities where mouthguards are indicated.

Will all athletic mouthguards offer the same protection?

A professionally fitted mouthguard will offer the best protection for people of all ages, including those with primary (baby) teeth, as well as secondary (adult) teeth.

Proper care of mouthguards

When not in use, all mouthguards should be stored in a container to avoid damage. They should be washed after each use, using cold or lukewarm water. Prior to insertion, a mouthguard may be rinsed in mouthwash to freshen the taste. As a general rule, it is recommended that an athletic mouthguard be replaced every two to three years for adults and every season for children. Whatever your age or sport, mouthguards are an important part of sports safety and your exercise routine.

Do what you can to protect your smile and preserve your health.

Ensure you have a properly-fitted mouthguard made by a professional.

Play to win – Protect your grin!