Becoming a Denturist

To be a Denturist stipulates both specialized technical expertise and an aptitude for compassion and trust.

Becoming a Denturist

The College of Denturists of Ontario is the body that regulates the practice of Denturism in the province of Ontario. The mission statement of the College is, “… to regulate and govern the profession of Denturism in the public interest.” The College operates under the authority of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) and the Denturism Act, 1991. The College is not an educational institution, it ensures that all Ontarians receive safe, effective and ethical care. Only individuals who are registered with the College of Denturists of Ontario can practice Denturism and use the title Denturist. It is illegal to use this title in Ontario if you do not hold a current Certificate of Registration with the College of Denturists of Ontario.

The provision of Denturist services in Ontario is a controlled act. For further clarifications of a controlled act and other definitions, please refer to the RHPA, sections 27 – 34. Upon registration with the College, you will receive a Quality Assurance Program Manual, which will include copies of relevant legislation governing denturists in Ontario.
There are three community colleges which teach Denturism in Ontario – two are located in Toronto and one farther north in Barrie. A Denturist candidate must first complete the college program successfully before applying to do the provincial qualifying exams administered by the CDO (College of Denturists of Ontario).

For more information on becoming registered as a Denturist in Ontario, please visit the College of Denturists of Ontario website at or contact by telephone at (416) 925-6331 or 1-888-236-4326.

Information on Denturist education courses are also available at:, or

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